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Affective Communications Conference

I attended a two-day conference in Leeds last week organised by the White Rose University Consortium and the Design Research Society themed Affective Communication in Design – Challenges for Researchers. Some interesting papers from a broad range of perspectives – from imaging techniques in neuro science to the social and performative aspects of computer games. As is often the case, the discussions around the sessions were just as interesting as those within. Such as a conversation of how learning to cook offers an illustration of the difficulties of transferring tacit knowledge – recipe books bad, observation and having a ‘feel for it’ good.

Belgian waffles

Sint-Lucas workshop
Just returned from an enjoyable few days in Brussels. There was some thought provoking discussion both with our colleagues at the architectural school, but also with my colleagues from the University. We have begun a Wiki website to support the workshop, which hopefully we will be making publicly visible. The discussions with my British colleagues will also hopefully result in some form of joint publication… watch this space.

Oh, and Brussels itself was beautiful. An opportunity to see its stunning architecture (Art Noveau in abundance) and sample its food (waffles and waterzooi).

Research training in Brussels

Together with two colleagues, I’m off to Brussels tomorrow to lead some research training workshops at the Sint-Lucas Architecture School. I’ll be presenting my work with critical artefacts as a way of opening up a discussion about strategies for designers to engage with stakeholders. I’ve written a short position paper for this, which I’ve posted on my research page.

Paper presented at EAD ’07

Just returned from the European Academy of Design conference, where I presented my first paper that outlines my work in full. This paper is now available for download from my research pages.

The conference was held in Izmir, Turkey. Which provided Joanna and I with an irresistable opportunity to spend a few days in Istanbul beforehand. I hope some of the numerous photographs I took will do this fantastic city justice.