St. Andrew's East Window panorama

Since late 2016 I have been working with a community group seeking to preserve and promote the 14th Century medieval Church of St Andrew in Heckington, Lincolnshire. So far, this has involved exploring and demonstrating the cultural and social potential of the church through the creation of several digital artworks in response to the building and its history and place in local life. This has been a creative collaboration with my colleagues Tim Shaw, John Bowers, Magnus Williamson, and Jonathan Worth; digital creative agency Draw & Code; architectural illustrator Allan T Adams; and, the Heckington community.

So far, this work has resulted in schools workshops, a public exhibition and performance and the installation of several artworks throughout the church. This work is currently informing the community group’s application for funding to repair building features and to enhance the church’s value as a cultural venue and community resource.

‘Speculative Rood,’ ‘Hidden Histories,’ and ‘Plain Changes’ are two of the artworks produced, described in the videos below.

This project was part of the Creative Exchange, a UK Arts & Humanities Research Council Knowledge Exchange Hub for the Creative Economy (award reference AH/J005150/1 Creative Exchange).